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Portable ultrasound bladder scanner for home use Price affordable CareScan1

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Portable ultrasound bladder scanner for home use Price affordable CareScan1

Product Details:
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 2 days
Payment Terms: paypal ,western union paypal
Supply Ability: 1000pcs one month
Portable bladder scanner for home use Price affordable 

CareScan-1 ultrasound bladder scanner, developed by WellEcho, is the fruition of years of research and development. 
The product applies new generation of imaging and probing technology that is completely different from traditional technology and is easy to operate with extremely high measuring accuracy. 

Product Advantages:
- More advanced algorithm, more powerful bladder wall recognition technology, more accurate Contour technology, higher accuracy of the probe makes scanning results more accurate
- New algorithm, the measurement results are not subject to the bladder shape and size. No need to select Gender, Age group and no need to consider special cases such as the effect of hysterectomy on the measurement results. Good compatibility for different bladders, no substantial error when measuring small volume or special shape bladders, easier to operate and use.
High recognition rate for the bladder wall with air, accurate amount of urine volume even when the bladder is not fully filled. 
With manual Contour functions, when automatic Contour is really difficult, this can be manually contoured through touch screen, to ensure that accurate results can be obtained even when the bladder border is abnormal.
Real-time imaging during the scanning process, real-time monitoring of catheter insertion to better prevent pain caused by inappropriate insertion. 
-10ml ~ 2000ml large measurement range
- The probe uses new three-dimensional stepping motor, can maintain lasting high-precision scanning, periodic calibration is not needed
- Built-in identifiable parameters within the probe, the probe can be quickly replaced without the need for secondary calibration
- Built-in 24wh large capacity battery, continuous working time> 4 hours, and the battery can be quickly replaced. 
- Touch screen operation, simple menus, easy and quick to use. 
- Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.

Technical specification: 
1. Ultrasonic probe: 3D scan, 2.6MHz broadband frequency probe;  
2. Screen: 5.6-inch LCD touch screen, 640 × 480 resolution; 
3. Measuring range: 10ml ~ 2000ml;  
4. Automatic measurement error <15%;  
5. Scan time: <2 seconds;  
6. Volume measurement time: <2 seconds;  
7. Scanned image display frame: 4 frames / seconds;  
8. Case Storage: Maximum 32G, SD card data storage, can store cases> 40000;  
9. Printing: Built-in thermal printer;  
10. Probe holding device: with holder and probe wire winding frame;  
11. Interface: one probe interface, one SD card slot, one power input jack;  
12. Battery: Built-in 24wh battery, continuous working time> 4 hours, can be connected to an external 12V/2A battery, built-in battery charging time is 3 hours;  
13. Input Power: 100 ~ 260V AC power to charge power adapter, adapter supplies 12V DC to the scanner;  
14. Dimension: 200mm (height) × 160mm (width) × 140mm (thickness).

The bladder scanner is used to non-invasively visualize, monitor and measure urine volume in the bladder, to determine whether to urinate and the suitable urinary output, and also can used to prevent inappropriate insertion of the Catheter into the bladder.  
It is widely used in urology, rehabilitation, surgical, operation room, and home health. 
Benefits of Bladder Scanning
• Measures bladder volume and Post Voiding Residual (PVR)
• Prevents unnecessary catheterization and patient discomfort
• Reduces Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI)
• Monitors bladder non-invasively to prevent urinary retention
• Monitors post-operative recovery
• Reduces hospital costs (disposables) 
• Promotes staff efficiency and requires little training.

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