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MG96G/Y Peltier-based PCR

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MG96G/Y Peltier-based PCR

Product Details:
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: MG96G/Y


MG96G/Y  Peltier-based PCR


Specification of MG96G/Y  Peltier-based PCR:
Technology                                     Peltier-based
In-situ Plate of pcr                            Yes
Block Capacity of pcr                      96wells ´0.2ml + 77wells ´0.5ml
Block Temperature Range                 0°C ~ 99.9°C
Max. Block Heating Rate                  3°C/sec
Max.Block Cooling Rate                   2°C/sec
Block Uniformity of pcr                     ≤ ± 0.2°C
Block Accuracy of pcr                      ≤ ± 0.2°C
Mode of Temperature Control            Sim-Tube & Block mode
Ramping Rate Adjustable                 0.1°C – 3°C
LCD of pcr                                        Large-size Blue LCD
Max. No. of storable progra               >125
Max. No. Of Cycle                            99
Temp. Increment/Decrement             0.1 ~ 10°C
Time Increment/Decrement               1 ~ 60sec
Auto Pause of pcr                            Yes
Auto Restart of pcr                           Yes
Hold at 4°C of pcr                             Forever
Running Time Display                       Yes  
File Named of pcr                             Yes
Hot Cover Temperature                      105°C
Height of Cover of pcr                         Adjustable
Hot Cover Auto Shut-Off                     Yes
Gradient Accuracy of pcr                    £ ± 0.3°C
Column Uniformity of pcr                     £ ± 0.3°C
Lowest Temp. of Gradient                    30°C
Height Temp. for Gradient                    99.9°C
Temp. Differential Range                      1°C ~ 30°C
Dimension(L´W´H)                    315mm´240mm´275mm
Net Weight                                             8.8Kg
Wide Power Supply Range          170~270V 50/60Hz

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