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2014 hot sale Best color doppler trolly color ultrasound with two probes with CE approved

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2014 hot sale Best color doppler trolly color ultrasound with two probes with CE approved

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: MSLPU21


Product Details

Quick Details

Optional 4D
Ultrasound Scanner
CE&ISO Approved


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:carton with foam inside
Delivery detail: within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


2014 hot sale Best color doppler trolly color ultrasound with two probes with CE approved-MSLCU21
MSLCU21 color doppler ultrasonic diagnostic system gathers digital color doppler imaging technology,speckle reduction technology,multi-beam parallel imaging technology,and effective file management system,versatile professional software.Deluxe appearance with ergonomic touch screen,MSLCU21 brings unexpected scanning experience for doctors.
ultrasound scan machine&trolley color Doppler Display mode
  • B/W image:B,B/B,4B,left and right B/M,B/D,PW,M Bmode locally amplified
  • Bloodflow image CFM:B/C,BC/B,B/BC
  • Specturm:B/D,B/C/D,PW
  • Adjustment parameters
  • Doppler frequency,sampling frame postion and size,baseline,color gain,deflection angle,wall filter,accumulated frequencies ect


ultrasound scan machine&trolley color Doppler Probe type
  • Probe socket:4
  • CProbe frequency:C2.0 MHz -10.0 MHz,8-stage multi-frequency
  • CProbe class:Large convex,slight convex,linear array,in-cavity.    
  • Acoustic powerC16-stage output power,adjustable
  • CDisplay depth:Can make continuous and multi-stage adjustment by using encoder
  • Fousing:Electronic focusing+acoustic lens focusing
  • Transmission focus:single focus,double focus,3-focus and 4-focus
  • Continuously dynamic focusing mode is used for front end reception


ultrasound scan machine&trolley color Doppler B-type display:
  • Image amplification (real-time or freeze status),max.4-times
  • Image vertical/horizontal overture
  • Display depth is continuously adjustable
  • M-type display:Scanning speed:4-stage


ultrasound scan machine&trolley color Doppler Digital beam formation:
  • Image whole range continuous dynamic focusing
  • Image whole range dynamic aperture
  • Image whole range dynamic trace change
  • Image whole range receive delay weight summation
  • Support semi-moment scanning,and support ±10 linear reception deflection angle
  • Multiple beam parallel processing technology
  • Signal processing and Dopple
  • Provided with dynamic filtering and orthogonal demodulation
  • Provided with total gain adjustment
  • Gain adjustment:8-segment TGC
  • B-type,C-type,D-type total gain , respectively adjustable
  • B/W image gain and color bloodflow gain,respectively adjustable
  • Doppler stereo output volume adjustment:0-255
  • Doppler baseline adjustment :6-stage
  • Pulse repetition frequency can be respectively adjusted:CFM PWD
  • Provided with D-linear speed adjustment 


ultrasound scan machine&trolley color Doppler Image processing function
  • Image realize dynamic range conversion and logarithm compression
  • Image realize time filtering 
  • Image realize spatial filtering
  • Image realize frame correlation
  • Image realize edge enhancement
  • Image realize grey scale convertion
  • Provided with selection of B/M-type or M-type scanning speed
  • Provided with high-density and high frame frequency selection 
  • Provided with image convex arrange scanning angle,linear array scanning depth control
  • Provided with image optimized processing:6-stage
  • Image left/right,up/down overturn
  • Color grey scale bar inversion selection
  • B/W image resolution:1024x768x8 bit(256 grey scale)
  • Color image resolution:1024x768 8bit x 8bit x 8bit color coding


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