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Best price medical used infusion pump-MSLIS04

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Best price medical used infusion pump-MSLIS04

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: MSLIS04


Product Details

Quick Details

Type: Infusion pump

Brand Name: MSL

Model Number: MSLIS04

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Item: IV fluid controller

Tube: 15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml, 60 drops/ml

Dimensions: 135mm*110mm*45mm

Weight: 400g (battery includes) 


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Carton + Foam
Delivery Detail: within 10 working days




Best price medical used infusion pump-MSLIS04

MSLIS04 IV fluid controller
1.Multi-functional infusion controll
2.IV drip controller with warmer
3.Infusion pump with warmer


                   medical infusion pumps

medical infusion pump

Our research and development production of MSLIS04 "Multi-purpose infusion-warmer controller", is national patent product and synchronization of the fluid control and heat control. It fills the gap in the industry, and has the following characteristics and Clinical Significance


1. Infusion control + temperature control, dual control functions

2. In the low temperature, four levels warmer setting to improve comfort and reduce side effects.

3. Arbitrary infusion rate and automatic adjustment, infusion accuracy of ± 5% to guarantee accurate infusion.

4. Three modes in one : drop / min, ml / h and time patterns

5. Friendly interface, keyboard visual simplicity, and just put tube into the heated rotating disk then connect power began to heat.

6. Monitoring timely, multiple alarm, safety and reliability; simplified care and accompany process

7. Energy-saving environmental protection, power is only 1 watt (no heating state), without any pollution and waste, full power can be used for more than 8 hours

8. Compact, weighing only 420 grams (including battery), which blossoms placed in the infusion chair, hanging rail tube, etc., no special supplies, it is security, economic, scientific device

9. Applicable to a wide range: can be applied in transfusion, blood transfusion and transmission occasions nutrition

Clinical Significance of infusion warmer:

1. Infusion heating can eliminate or reduce the liquid temperature is low due to infusion reactions caused, especially to the elderly and children with body when the cold infusion, vascular spasm, pain, chills, stomach pain, cough and other adverse stimuli, have to eliminate or reduce the effect;

2. To eliminate or reduce the the physical consumption paid for the balance of temperature of the liquid

3. To improve the speed of molecular movement is conducive to full efficacy, easy to absorb;

4. Improve the infusion rate, shorten the infusion time

5. If the long-term low-temperature fluids, prone to hardening of the arteries, especial in Spring, Autumn and Winter is more obvious, infusion warmer can make the infusion is not cool and no pain, making treatment more humanized.

6. Heating can eliminate the low-temperature dissolution of pharmaceutical dispensing and patient infusion bad cold phenomena. January 2006 revised American Association of Transfusion Standard of care was also raised that heated to 35 °C before dispensing liquid.

Technical specification and Functions 



Multi-Purpose Infusion Controller ---Infusion Guard




15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml, 60 drops/ml


Gravity Infusion;

Infrared photoelectric beam detects drips; controlling valve

automatic controls infusion rate; and heating function.



Ambient temperature : +5°C~40°C

Relative humidity : 20%~80%

Power source

Both AC. and DC.power supply

220V~ 50Hz/60 Hz

7.2V 800mAH



3 VA (without heating)

12VA (heating)

Range of


Drop rate: 1drop/min ~ 140 drops/min

Flow rate :

15 drop/ml: 4 ml/hour ~ 560 ml/hour;

20 drop/ml: 3 ml/hour ~ 420 ml/hour;

60 drop/ml: 1 ml/hour ~ 140 ml/hour.

Volume limit:1ml ~ 999ml (over 999 ml displays as“all”)

Time setting : 1min ~23 hours and 59mins

Total volume: 1ml ~ 9999ml


Drip rate : ±3% ; Flow rate :±5% ; Time : ±5%


output fluid temperature is up to 2°C~5°C increase in

the low-temperature environment.


Sound and light alarm when battery disconnection,

low battery, Finish,drops-checking failed and leakage


135mm × 110mm × 45mm


400g(battery includes)

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Best price medical used infusion pump-MSLIS04

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Best price medical used infusion pump-MSLIS04

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Best price medical used infusion pump-MSLIS04


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