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Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer

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Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: RHA-600

Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer
High reliability & Safety:

  • The most advanced technology and structure
  • Adopting the most advanced binuclear embedded digital circuit system makes the analytical ability great and stable
  • Separate test units of WBC and RBC makes the test results more accurate and less cross- contamination
  • Adopting CPLD technology in data processing, free from the interference of electromagnetic signals

Easy operation

  • Easy operating interface
  • Dual test units, fast and convenient
  • Module design, fast maintenance

Economical and Durable

  • Long life of the machine, all accessories with high performance
  • Classic design of highly reliable fluid pipe structure
  • Long-term stability, accurate and reliable clinical test results is the core of SMART-I


  • Principle: electrical impedance for counting and SFT method for hemoglobin
  • Test parameters: three-part differentials of WBC, 21 parameters (including WBC , RBC, PLT color histogram)
  • Sample quantity:20μL venous blood, just press ^Count ̄ button to suck and analyze the sample
  • Working model: dual-channel testing, and application of non-cyanide SFT method to test hemoglobin meets the new demands of environmental protection
  • Aperture: WBC:80μm  RBC/PLT:50μm
  • Throughput: Automatic sampling can test more than 60 samples per hour.
  • Results storage: Storage of 35,000 patients¨ results (including histogram). It is more convenient to manage and review historical data.
  • QC: comprehensive QC program, forming and  printing the histogram automatically.
  • Performance index:    Precision (CV)           Linear rang

                                 WBC+2.0%            1.0゛65.0〜109/L
                                 RBC+1.5%             0.3゛7.0〜1012/L
                                 HGB+1.5%            20゛240g/l
                                 PLT+6.0%             20゛750〜109/L
                                 MCV+1.5%            80゛110fL

  • Clog-removal?Internal and external needle cleaning
  • Classification: floating landmark technique
  • Mainframe control: ARM Intelligent micro-processing technology and high-performance computer document-management, display and print-processing.
  • Data analysis: intelligent pulse formulation techniques
  • Structural features: separate module design
  • Display: 10.4-inch large color LCD displays all parameters and histograms simultaneously
  • Print: external thermal printer or USB port universal printer(matching)
  • Easy application: input and output English perfectly.
  • Ambient Conditions:
  • Temperature: 15-35≧. Humidity: 10% -90%. Atmospheric pressure:70Kpa-106Kpa
  • Power supply: AC110/220V\10%, 50/60Hz 
  • Dimensions: 368x330x543 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg

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Mr. leesun
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  • 504#, C Building, #27 Yayingshi Road, Science Town, Guangzhou, China.
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