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LED Surgical Light

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LED Surgical Light

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: LED5/5
The LED series cold-light shadowless suigical lights of our factory, which are adopt LED chips as the light source, has owned the authentic cold illuminant effects, improved the characteristics of high color rendering, high gemcore, low vertigo, high equitability, low electromagnetic interference, longlife, low power consumption etc, it is the new advanced products to instead of traditional shadowless surgical lights.
* Adopt the new type LED cold illuminant as the illumination source of surgical lights, it is not only benefit for the rapid recovery of sugery illuminate parts, but also improved the doctors¨ working environment and efficiency extremely.
*  Adopt LED as the light source of shadowless surgical lights, energy-saving effect is remarkable, besides it¨s energy consumption only be the one tenth of general incandescent light, one second of halogen lamp.
*  Adopt LED chip, the brightless could process electrodeless control, color temperature can be adjusted from 3500 to 5000k randomly and help doctors to recognise each organization structure by the electronic digital control system.
*  Adopt LED light, it¨s useful life is higher 50 times than halogen lamp, avoid the trouble of frequent change lights during operation, also reduced the use-cost.
*  Illumination uniformity, high shadowless rate, without shadow on observed object, high defination, it¨s light doesn¨t include infrared and ultraviolet rays, alleviate doctors¨ visual fatigue which is caused by the long time working, also improve their working efficiency and the condition of surgical parts.
LED Series Of Technical Date


5 holes
5 holes
Color Temperature(k)
Diameter of spot(mm)
Illumination Depth(mm)
Light Adjusting Steps
Restore Color index
Shadow less proportion
LED life
UP Doctor-head Temperature


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