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SONOSTAR Ventilator/Anesthesia SV-100S Medical Ventilator

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SONOSTAR Ventilator/Anesthesia SV-100S Medical Ventilator

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: SV-100S Medical Ventilator

                                    SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator

SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Physical Specifications


 Width:    50cm  Depth:    46cm  Height:   110cm    Weight    15Kg

SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Environmental Specifications

Operating Requirements

Storage/Shipping Requirements

Temperature:            5 to 40oC 

Temperature:            -20 to 70oC 

Relative Humidity:     less than  80%

Relative Humidity:        less than 93%

The atmosphere pressure: 70 to 106 kPa

The atmosphere pressure: 70 to 106 kPa



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Electrical Specifications And Fuse Specification Information

  Input Voltage Requirements

Fuse Quantity:         2

 AC Voltage:        220V+/-10%  50HZ+/-2%

Current Rating:   0.8 A

Power:             170 VA    

Voltage Rating:   250 Volts


Type:            5*20 mm RT



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Output Voltage Specification Information

 AC Voltage:        220V+/-10%

 Frequency:      50HZ+/-2%

 Power:             130VA



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Pneumatic Specifications 

Oxygen Inlet

 Pressurized Oxygen:   0.28~0.6 MPa medical oxygen



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator IEC Classification

 Ordinary equipment, not protected against the ingress of liquids Not protected/Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic gases

Class ¢ñ, Type B 



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Performance Specification







 Tidal Volume 


 Breath Rate  

   1~100 bpm 







Inspiratory Time 


Trigger Level 


Over Pressure Relief  

 less than 60hpa 




SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Alarms and Indicators 

 High Pressure Alarm Limit 

 flash, red indicator, can be adjustable 

 Low Pressure Alarm Limit   

 Red indicator , can be adjustable  

 High Minute Volume Alarm Limit

flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable

 Low Minute Volume Alarm Limit

 flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable

 High Rate Alarm Limit

 flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable

Apnea interval

15, 30, 45, 60second     flash, Red indicator

Alarm Silence  

120sec. max


Red indicator

Insp. phase

Green indicator 

Exh. phase

Green indicator 

T.VOL Indicator

Green indicator 

MIN. VOL Indicator

Green indicator 

PRESSURE Indicator

Green indicator 

RATE Indicator 

Green indicator 



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator Monitors and Wave Display

 Tidal Volume 


 MIN. Volume  

 Total Breath Rate 

 Main Circuit Pressure

Wave Display for Main Circuit Pressure and Tidal Volume  



SONOSTAR  Ventilator/Anesthesia    SV-100S Medical Ventilator What Is Provided

 Part Name 












 Breath Circuit






 Oxygen Pressure Reducer






 Lung Simulators



Hand Book



CD For Operation


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