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SONOSTAR Urological Device SU-970A Urodynamic System

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SONOSTAR Urological Device SU-970A Urodynamic System

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: sonostar
Certification: ce
Model Number: SU-970A Urodynamic System


SONOSTAR Urological Device SU-970A Urodynamic System

-Design of die-block style: The main unit is separated with computer. The pressure measuring unit is controlled separately with the my electricity measuring unit, it pre-remains several digital interfaces in order to make the independence clinical utilization and upgrade easily. This design is also easy to maintain promptly, suitable for upgrading the software.
-It has urine flow measuring function, it is sensitive and correct. When the apparatus has measured the first drop of urine, the equipment will start automatically.
-The distinct traction system can adjust the point of view at all position, it is easy to operate and measure the urethral pressure.
-The infusion unit is divided to the style of pushing and turning.
-It adopts the perfusion style of formlessness to avoid the interference from other apparatus or signal. This can ensure the urethral pressure curve reflects the actual situation of the patient and the doctor can easy to diagnose.
-The perfusion pump is controlled by computer. It will not be limited by current direction when the catheter is clamped.
-All the measurements conform to the standards of the International Continence Society (ICS).
-It has been allocated with catheter both for adult(F9) and children(F6), so its clinical applicability is well.
-The doctor can alter the set of parameter during the measurement.
-The system is recommended by Urosource for basic Urodynamics.

Technical parameters:
Measuring range of urine flow rate: 0ml/s~50ml/s, Error≤5%
Measuring range of urine volume:10ml~1000ml, Error±2%
Measuring range of pressure: -4.9kPa~ +19.6kPa(-50cmH2O~200cmH2O), Error≤5%
Length of traction: ≥280mm
Speed of traction: 0.5mm/s,1.0mm/s,2.0mm/s,4.0mm/s, Error≤5%
EMG Range of measurement: 20μV~1mV         CMRR: ≥80dB       20Hz~10kHz±20%
Setting range of perfusion rate:2ml~ 80ml/min
Range of perfusion volume: 10ml~1000ml, Error≤4%
Analysis of pressure-rate, automatically generated four charts of (P-Q chart, A-G chart, LPURR chart, URA chart)

Measuring items: 
Urine Flow Rate, Vesical Function Test of Filling Period, Synchronic Test of Pressure-Uroflow-EMG, Analysis of Pressure / Flow Rate, Urethral Function Test, Analysis of Vesical Compliance, Analysis of Urine Leakage Point

Displaying curves: 
Curve of Vesical Pressure, Curve of Abdominal Pressure, Curve of Pdet, Curve of EMG, Curve of Urethral Pressure, Curve of Urethral Closure Pressure, Curve of Urine Flow Rate, Curve of Voided Volume

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SU-970 Series Product(our product)
L Company
Of Uroflowmeter
Of Urine Volume
Length of Traction
Speed of Traction
Speed of Perfusion
Other Property
Self Limit Protection of Pressure Flow
Style of Perfusion
Combination of pushing pump to ensure the veracity of Urethra pressure measurement and Creep Rotation  Perfusion Style
Perfusion Style of Creep Rotation
Measuring Range
Type of Electrode
Surface Electrode, Needle Electrode
Parameter of Uroflow-rate measurement
Maximum Urine Flow Rate,
Average Urine Flow Rate, Time of  Urine Flow, Time of Reaching Peak Value, Time of Start Urination, Urine Flow Volume, Urine Flow rate, Curve Chart of Urine Volume
Parameter of Pressure Measurement
Pressure of Bladder
Pressure of Urethra
Abdominal Pressure (pressure in rectum)
Items of Synchronous Measurement
Pressure of Bladder, Pressure of Urethra
Abdominal Pressure (pressure in rectum), Pressure of Detrusor, Urine Flow Rate, Urine Flow Volume, Myoelectricity
Items of Urethra Function Measurement
Urethra Pressure Measurement and Average Parameters
Soft Ware Analysis Function
Analysis of Pressure Flow Rate, Produced 4 charts automatically (P-Q Chart, A-G Chart, LPURR Chart, URA Chart) P-Q Chart, A-G Chart, LPURR Chart, URA Chart
Analysis of Bladder Adaptability Same
Analysis of Urine Leakage Point Same
Embed parameter calibration soft ware Can do parameter calibration
Incident marked automatically / amended by hand Same
Automatic Zero Setting / Balance by Hand Automatic Zero Setting
In Accordance with ICS standard Same
Through data playback / amendment / save Data playback




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