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Ventilators for more details of the Respiratory ventilator for emergency . INSTRUCTION : INSTRUCTION OF THE FRONT BOARD AND THE BACKBOARD 1.Airway Pressure Display: Display the peak pressure only when ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:37:48

Respiratory ventilators and medical equipment supplier from China! Please click Ventilators for more details of the respiratory ventilators. INTRODUCTION of the Emergency Ventilator: PRINCIPLE AND ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:34:15

erectile dysfunction reatment machine Electrical stimulation therapy of the erectile dysfunction reatment machine: 1. Acupoint selection: Output 1: Guanyuan, Zhongji ,Qihai and Shenque Output 2: ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:31:27

erectile dysfunction treatment machine In the course of negative pressure attraction therapy by the erectile dysfunction treatment machine, air massage therapy can be conducted alternately. When air ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:29:44

sexual Behavioral disorders therapy machine Air massages operation method of the sexual Behavioral disorders therapy machine After negative pressure attraction, can select air massage therapy to relax ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:28:47

sexual disfunctional therapy Equipment Repeat the abovementioned therapy process some times. After ending therapy by the sexual disfunctional therapy Equipment, the instrument sounds alarm and is ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:27:23

Orgasm disorder Treatment Equipment Waste liquid bottle of the Orgasm disorder Treatment Equipment This Orgasm disorder Treatment Equipment is used for storing backed waste liquid. Negative pressure ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:23:16

orgasmic dysfunction Equipment Therapy scheme of the orgasmic dysfunction Equipment: Accessory Function 1) Note on negative pressure pipe: Negative pressure pipe with scale is transparent. During ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:18:50

Impotence Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Equipment Negative pressure therapy of the Impotence Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Equipment: Operating steps : 1. negative pressure attraction: local disinfectio... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:16:19

Premature ejaculation Tretment machine Preparations for the Premature ejaculation Tretment machine: a) With items: Iodine, the cotton,lubricant ,couplant ,paper handkerchief, compression ring, alcohol ... [Read More]

2015-11-11 17:08:32

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