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B&W Ultrasound Scanner

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B&W Ultrasound Scanner


SS-8 Portable Laptop Ultrasound B scanner(ARM based) machine for sale Feature: -Pretty and light -15 inch LCD screen -Full digital imaging technology, crystal-clear Image -Broadband multi-frequency ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:25:34

Cheap Portable Digital Ultrasound Machine Scanner Ultrasound Diagnosis Feature: High Cost-effective Crystal-clear Image Multi-frequency Probes Digital Image Storage 8 TGC controls Cineloop B,2B,B/M,4B ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:23:12

SSX-6 Portable Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner machine china ultrasound scanner wholesale 1. Probe type: 7.5MHz Rectal Probe. 3.5MHz Rectal Probe. 2. Display Modes: B, B/B, B/M, M 3. Detecting Depth: ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:14:55

SS3000 Portable LCD Ultrasound Scanner ultrasound machine with convex probe Specifications 1.LCD Ultrasound Scanner 2.reliable portable 3.veterinary Ultrasound Scanner. 4.high resolution moniter 5.low ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:12:34

SSX-30 Portable Laptop Notebook Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner device Utility Function: Compact structure, light weight; Anti-dazzle Radium carved buttons; Convenient and practical clinical ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:11:04

Features of XF20 Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 1.Full digital ultrasound core processing technology 2. Anti-dazzle laser laser engraving buttons feel comfortable 3.convex array / linear array ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:09:59

Ultrasound Machine Technical Specification Mode: B,M,2B,B/M,4B ,C,PW, Power,DirPower,THI Gray sacle: 256 Display: 15”LED monitor Transducer frequency: 2-11Mhz Digital technology: Wide-angle imaging... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:08:25

ultrasound scanner portable machine ultrasound image system equipment Technical Specification B&W mode: B,M,2B,B/M,4B Gray sacle: 256 Display: 15”LCD monitor Transducer frequency: 2-11Mhz Digital ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:06:25

Portable black and white ultrasound scanner machines SS-300 . B&W mode: B,M,2B,B/M,4B Gray sacle: 256 Display: 15”LCD monitor Transducer frequency: 2-11Mhz Digital technology: Wide-angle imaging ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:04:11

Trolley Ultrasound Scanner SS600 Device china distributor Main features: -Full digital imaging technology, clear image -PC based, abundant functions -15 " color LCD screen -Broadband multi-frequency ... [Read More]

2015-10-14 10:01:50

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